5 business tools for personal life and career

Different tools are used in business to determine the value of goods or services, the main characteristics in demand among consumers, to create attractive packaging. But even in the lives of those who are not related to business, these tools can be extremely useful.

Tools that showed themselves well in business, it is quite possible to use in everyday life. Find the problem that is relevant for you, and use the experience of entrepreneurs to solve it.

1. If it is difficult to decide on changes

Make a plan for Smart: this abbreviation is used by managers to determine the goals and set objectives.

The goal from the point of view of the SMART system should be accurately formulated (specific), measurable (Measurable), attractive (attractive), achievable (reachable) and timebound (Timebound).

For example, your goal is to create a happy family by 2022, and you are alone. To achieve it, you need:

  1. Prepare physically: solve health and appearance problems, find time for dates, draw up a plan for getting into the light for dating.
  2. Prepare financially: allocate funds for trips, registration on sites, creating an image.
  3. Prepare morally: get rid of illusions, work out injuries.

Now in each of their three spheres, set goals on Smart again: sign up for a psychotherapist, adjust the work schedule, purchase new clothes. Then scatter them into the tackle, close and achieved: accumulate a certain amount of money, delegate duties in order to free time, and so on.

2. If it is difficult to adapt to change

In this case, the “Swiss cheese” method comes to the rescue, when you are doing what you can and do not build far -reaching plans today.

For example, you want to change the work, but now it’s hard to find a free vacancy, and not all are conducting full -time interviews. So, you can focus on self-education, sign up on online courses, write an answer plan to employers’ questions.

And of course, an interview online is also a very real way to find a new place.

3. If it is difficult to choose one of several options

You have the opportunity to go on vacation to one of the countries, buy a kitchen of a particular company, spend a weekend with several acquaintances. And not one of them is perfect, each has flaws in each, and you cannot decide what you are ready to put up with, and what are not ready with. What to do? Make a swot analysis!

This is a strategic planning method based on comparing options in four categories:

  1. Strengs.
  2. Weaknesses.
  3. Opportunities (Opportunites).
  4. Threats (Threats).

Write out the strengths and advantages of one of the options in the upper left corner of the sheet, in the upper right corner – minuses and weaknesses. Having carefully studied the written, determine what opportunities are contained in this version, what are the risks and dangers. They write them, respectively, in the lower left corner and in the right of the lower.

Moreover, both opportunities and dangers can be the result of both strengths and weak. Then, in the same way, sign other options. And then compare – what happened. This will be much easier to make a choice.

4. If it is difficult to figure out who you need and who needs you

The same problems are solved by businessmen when starting a new project. It is not forbidden in this way to determine what you want from a potential life partner or a new friend. In order to more clearly realize your needs and understand whose interest you yourself can count, you should answer a few questions:

  1. Who suits you?
  2. To whom you are?
  3. Where can you meet each other.

To the question “Who do you suit you?»The answer can be obtained by contacting the SWOT analysis of your own weak and strengths. Answering the question “Who suits you?”, Use methods that usually help in determining the target audience. Describe in detail which person you need, what could be his own motivation for relations, what interests he has, goals. Having dealt with this, you will clearly understand where you can get to know him.

5. If it is difficult to figure out whether this or that candidate suits you

It happens that it is not easy for us to understand what exactly is happening in our relationship with a partner or another. Use Bruce-Henderon’s matrix to see the picture entirely. You need to evaluate the three parameters of the one with whom you communicate for each item:

  1. The time you spend on communication with this person.
  2. The dynamics of the development of relations.
  3. Emotions from communication.

Time can be estimated in percentage ratio. Two other indicators must be evaluated in points: from -5 to +5. Draw a coordinate axis where points are placed along the abscissa axis that will mean emotions from communication, and points indicating the dynamics of relations according to the order axis.

Place the boyfriends at the intersection of their indicators according to both axles and denote a circle of the diameter that corresponds to the time allocated. All who are in minus zones or close to zero are hopeless. And the greatest chances of successful relations with you with someone who “climbed” above the rest in the https://revuearapesh.com/les-femmes-pour-le-kamikaze/ right corner.

As you can see, business tools can be successfully applied in personal life. When making decisions, choosing a job or a potential partner, it is convenient and useful to calculate the moves and options, based on the worked and widely used methods.

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